EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers

I myself, am a Kindle e-book reader as maybe you are as well. I have read many Kindle e-books and have really enjoyed the books I have read. What I didn’t know was there are different ways Kindle pays authors who put their books up in Kindle. I would like to share with you…. KDPContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers”

EvasBookStore ~ How To Write A Good Book Review

The best way to write a good book review is to see what kind of a review opportunity you have. Some sites have a rating system from 1- 5, where 5 is the best. Every author wants to see a 5-star rating on all of their books. But as an author myself, we do knowContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ How To Write A Good Book Review”

EvasBookStore ~ Beginning Middle and End Concept of my Books

With all three of my books I had first had to have a beginning, middle and end book concept of what I wanted to write about. The FREE trial audiobook Modified 2099, my concept had to have a beginning middle and end. The book begins in a room where a girl named Anna, who doesContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Beginning Middle and End Concept of my Books”

EvasBookStore ~ How To Choose A Book To Read By Their Genres

Some books have several genres such as “fantasy” or “mystery” they may intertwine and overlap. Also, something you should know is this. When self-publishing my audiobooks. I chose from more than one genre. Example. Genre. #1, #8 and #19 This is Kindles Top 20 Genres today Romance ~ Contemporary Literature & Fiction ~ Contemporary FictionContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ How To Choose A Book To Read By Their Genres”

EvasBookStore ~ My Education To Become An Author

Yes, I needed EDUCATION to become an author. Some authors do not finish college until after they turn 50 as I did. Age really doesn’t matter. What matters most is, that I got good grades in English. Yes, I may have needed a tutor to get an A in my local college English class, butContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ My Education To Become An Author”