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Disneyland is Sparking With Disney Ears / Anaheim Disneyland

Walking around Anaheim Disneyland, you will notice all the pretty, new sparking Disney ears walking by. They come in many shapes and sizes. Continue reading

Hungarians Will Never Forget The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Hungarians all over the world will never forget what happened to their country during the 1956 revolution.

October 23rd, 1956, Thousands marched through central Budapest to the Hungarian Parliament building, as students asked for change. One student died and was wrapped in a flag Continue reading

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Fall/Winter brings us pretty blonde hair color ideas. There are many ranges of the blonde hair colors as you will see in the YouTube video below. For example, you will see warm, golden blondes, honey blonde and copper blondes. Cool, ashy blondes, beige blonde and platinum blondes and you will even be able to see natural blondes, who were born with blonde hair. You will also see people who are not blonde, but who would like to be blonde. Some who do a full on coloring of their dark hair and some who only have highlights. All of these colors are worn by people who either want to either stay blonde or go blonde because they enjoy being blonde. The question is… Do blondes really have more fun? Continue reading