Will Nancy Pelosi Hair “setup” End Beauty Salon Prohibition?

While Nancy Pelosi claims she was “setup” by her San Francisco beauty salon, it calls to mind the U.S. alcohol prohibition of the 19th century. While President Trump orders everyone back to work, the governor of California Gavin Newsom  ignores the order and decides to put a prohibition on all hairstylist and beauty salons ofContinue reading “Will Nancy Pelosi Hair “setup” End Beauty Salon Prohibition?”

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Fall/Winter brings us pretty blonde hair color ideas. There are many ranges of the blonde hair colors as you will see in the YouTube video below. For example, you will see warm, golden blondes, honey blonde and copper blondes. Cool, ashy blondes, beige blonde and platinum blondes and you will even be able to seeContinue reading “Blonde Hair Color Ideas”

Emmy Award 10 Best and Worst List

We have been waiting for the Emmy Award’s best and worst list all year. Who would be the best dressed,and who would be the worst? Don’t you love checking on the people who made the best dressed list and wonder how they come up with their opinions? We do too. In this age of politicallyContinue reading “Emmy Award 10 Best and Worst List”

EvasBookStore ~ Beauty Secrets/ 10 Reasons Not to Wear Lipstick

Welcome to the secrets of beauty industry and 10 reasons why women don’t wear lipstick. In the beauty industry we think about the whole realm of beauty from the top of the head to the tips of our toes. If this is something you have been thinking about doing, you MUST listen to the FREEContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Beauty Secrets/ 10 Reasons Not to Wear Lipstick”

EvasBookStore ~ Vampire Facial May Expose Clients to HIV

Vampire facials are all the big rage now, but are they worth the risk of HIV? Not when they are done in a spa setting with untrained people doing it. What is a ‘vampire facial’? A vampire facial involves drawing a person’s blood.  An aesthetician is never allowed to draw blood. Make sure the personContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Vampire Facial May Expose Clients to HIV”