Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Fall/Winter brings us pretty blonde hair color ideas. There are many ranges of the blonde hair colors as you will see in the YouTube video below. For example, you will see warm, golden blondes, honey blonde and copper blondes. Cool, ashy blondes, beige blonde and platinum blondes and you will even be able to see natural blondes, who were born with blonde hair. You will also see people who are not blonde, but who would like to be blonde. Some who do a full on coloring of their dark hair and some who only have highlights. All of these colors are worn by people who either want to either stay blonde or go blonde because they enjoy being blonde. The question is… Do blondes really have more fun? When a client tells their stylist, they would like their hair to be a blonde color, the stylist needs you to bring a picture of exactly of how light or dark blonde you would like to be.

From the palest ultra light blonde to a darker, deep, golden copper blonde, the choice will be not yours alone, it will also have to do with your natural hair level you begin with. Some of the lightest colors, surprisingly can only be achieved by bleaching the hair many times to bring it to the level you desire.

Let’s say your hair is black, your hair needs to go through many color levels (including orange), to bring your hair to any shade of blonde. This is why it’s always better to go to a professional who has been trained in advising you on your color choice. Check out the YouTube at the bottom of this page, to see how many different shades of blonde choices there are.  Bring this YouTube to your favorite stylist and let them know you saw the perfect color blonde in the Blonde Hair Color Ideas video below .

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Blonde Hair Color Ideas (On YouTube)

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