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These four books were first written in books and then turned into audiobooks.

The first book written is Modified 2099 as a Sci-Fi, futuristic, romantic time travel, Dystopia book. When I saw other books written by authors that proclaim the future as having nothing but cyborgs and death, I thought… What if the future world will be a better place than what we live in now? Could it happen? Of course, it can, if I wrote it, then it can happen.

The second book written So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist, is a career book. After coming back to the hair styling career after leaving it for only a few short months, I found out what it would be like getting into this business as a beginner. But I wasn’t a beginner. I had been in the business for over 35 years. Certainly not a newbie at all. Entering back into the beauty business was not like when I first started, and I wanted to share with the readers, what they, as new cosmetologist would be facing. Know the career before entering it.  After reading this book and understanding the career, then you will know if you are ready to spend the over $40,000 k to become a hairstylist, cosmetologist, aesthetician, or even a manicurist. This book is for you.

The third book written is The Eleventh Arrow. The title is explained in the book. This Memoir was told to me by my mother all my life. It was the story of escaping communist Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Can you imagine escaping your own country with three small children. I was 1yr my brother was 2yr and my other brother was 4years old? They didn’t have a choice. It was escape or die. So many people died during the Hungarian Revolution. This book is to honor the brave souls fallen under the Russian communism repression. This book was written for you in remembrance to them.

The forth book The Secret Chatroom was actually written with a friend. She and I had no idea how the book would start or end, we just wanted to right a romantically driven, mystery book. She wrote a chapter and when she ran out of ideas, I would write a chapter. We would volley the book back and forth  to each other via email until it was done. The ending kept changing as to who done it and how it was done.

For all four books I spent several months passionately researching and education myself for each subject.

Modified 2099 ~ I educated myself with the history of of Catalina Island. I wanted to give you facts about the places and things that could happen in the future. Many places in this book I have visited, including Catalina Island, the Pentagon,Washington D. C, Las Vegas, Northern California, Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands and I lived two years in San Clemente. The book takes place in South Orange County, California where I have lived for over 40 years.

So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist ~ I spent countless hours on the phone with the California State Board of Cosmetology, asking them questions that only they could give me the honest answers to. One State Board agent who did not want to be identified asked me to please hurry and publish the book because her daughter was begging her to become a hairstylist, and she wanted her daughter to read my book before deciding on this career.This book is also recommended by the State Board of Cosmetology website.

The Eleventh Arrow ~ Even though my mother gave me all the details, I still needed to research the facts about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. I knew the when, where, why, and how of the story, but I needed historical facts to make this book “real.”

The Secret Chatroom  ~book was written more from an experience of life my co-author and I had. This book was written by women for women to read, listen to and enjoy.


I am proud of all four books which came to you from the heart of Southern Orange County, California.

Please enjoy these books as your next read.

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