EvasBookStore ~ Vampire Facial May Expose Clients to HIV

Vampire facials are all the big rage now, but are they worth the risk of HIV? Not when they are done in a spa setting with untrained people doing it.

What is a ‘vampire facial’?

A vampire facial involves drawing a person’s blood.  An aesthetician is never allowed to draw blood. Make sure the person drawing your blood is certified and licensed to do so.

The blood is then centrifuged, meaning it’s processed in a centrifuge machine where it’s spun around.

Next, the plasma is then extracted. The plasma has all the nutrients, the growth factors, and the protein that helps stimulate new skin and new collagen.

The plasma is then layered on top of the face and re-injected into the skin using a tool called a micro-needling pen, which creates tiny punctures in the skin with miniature fine needles.

If the micro-needling pen or any other equipment is not properly disposed of between facials, that could expose patients to a possible blood-borne infection.

Make sure that the place you are in always uses new needles.

There is a specific training program that your doctor must complete to do this procedure. Patients, doing this procedure should make sure their practitioner is vampire certified. If you look for that, you’re likely to end up in a reputable place.

This is what a micro-needling roller looks like. They should never be reused. The only way to insure you will be safe is to make sure this instrument has never been used before. Even if they were able to sterilize the needles. It still should not be used because every time a needle is used, it will dull the tip of the needle and become painful for the next client.

In my opinion, as a 40 year veteran in the beauty business, this may sound like a really good procedure to most. But remember when they the states had to ban fish pedicures? There are much better ways to achieve the results you are looking for. Don’t get mislead by gimmicky things that could cause you to get hepatitis B, hepatitis C or even AIDS. Any time there is blood involved in a treatment, there is that risk if you are not in a clean facility or the facility is reusing needles. Once a needle is used, it should always be thrown away. If you see someone using a needle on you that has been previously used, get up from the treatment bed or chair, RUN to the door and get out quick!!

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