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Now lets just take a look at the top10 reasons not to wear lipstick

10~ Going to The Beach

Going to the beach with the wet salty water and cool air blowing through the air. The last thing I want to think about is putting on my lips before I go out and have fun in the sun. I would rather put on a bit of sun protection to my lips than any kind of lip color.


9~ Workout/ going to the gym

Back in th 80s that was the place to go to meet your mate in your aerobics class. Women today are far too sophisticated to look for a hook-up at places like the gym. Unless of course you have a cute personal trainer. Then all bets are off!




8~ Swimming

Taking your laps in an Olympic pool is the last place you need red lips unless of course you are racing a hottie and ready to win the lap.


7~ Going to Sleep

Did you ever notice how in the movies the girl wakes up next to a guy with her makeup flawless with beautiful lips put on just right? Good thing that doesn’t happen in real life. This is one place women can be themselves, without make up.


6~ Never Wear any Makeup

There is nothing wrong with never wearing makeup or lipstick. There are many beautiful women who are naturally beautiful without wearing anything on their face.




5~Burnt Lips from The Sun

Ouch!! Don’t let this ever happen to you. By now we have all be taught to protect our skin from the sun. Instead of lipstick try using some cooling gel, not just on your lips but all over your body.


4~Lips Are Too Big from Botox injections

Your lips are swollen and Bigggg. The last thing you need is to accentuate your big lips with bright lipstick.


3~ In a Hurry

I think we have all been here. In too much of a rush to catch the bus or we don’t want to be late to where we are going. There is no time for anything let alone our lips.




2~ Too Busy with Children

New moms especially can understand about this one. All you want is some sleep. There will be plenty of time for the lips when the baby is a little bit bigger.





1~ Sex

The number one reason why you should not put on lipstick is… yes you guessed it. Sex! You don’t want lipstick all over your partner or your pillowcase and sheets and anything else that would get in the way of your special moment.


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