EvasBookStore Emmy Award 10 Best and Worst List for 2018

We have been waiting for the Emmy Award’s 2018 best and worst list all year. Who would be the best dressed,and who would be the worst?





Don’t you love checking on the people who made the best dressed list and wonder how they come up with their opinions? We do too. In this age of politically correctness we are only looking at the hair and make-up. and since we don’t know any of these stars personally we don’t find the need to say anything to put up their egos. We are honest about what we see.

The Truth and nothing but the truth.

See if you agree with us or you agree with them.

We have 10 stars to check out what they look like at the Emmy Awards.








 Best: Tracee Ellis Ross They said Best we say worst. I mean Why are they giving her best? Is it the orange eyes? Or the hot pink lips? She did nothing to her hair.

Best: Issa Rea They say Best and I agree with THEM. We also say Best.

Best: Letitia Wright They say Best and how can you say anything else? Best is given by us also.

Best: Evan Rachel Wood So Pretty. They gave her Best and we give her Best also.

Best: Regina King was given and we concur. Best is Best.

Best: Thandie Newton Best? Really? NO way this look is so old. We say Worst, but the earrings are pretty.

Best: Yara Shahidi We Don’t see a Best with those unkempt uni-brow. We say Worst for sure.

Best: Rachel Brosnahan We agree. Yes for Best.

Best: Scarlett Johansson We agree, her soft features helps her minimalism look

Best: Dakota Fanning They say Best and we don’t agree. We say worst. We would only give her best for her earrings. But even those don’t compliment her look.

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