EvasBookStore ~ Breaking News: Make-up for Men?

Chanel has decided to launch a new make- up for men, according to instagram. This is not a new idea. Men have been wearing make-up for ages. Usually it was disguised in a stick form, acne remedy, but Instagram is buzzing about this new idea concept which will include lip balm, foundation and eyebrow pencil.Continue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Breaking News: Make-up for Men?”

EvasBookStore ~ Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

When ever we mention the word “beauty,” the first person who pops into our heads might be the first century’s, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. She is known to be the first queen of beauty. Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and lived until 30 BC. She became queen in the year 51 BC., when she wasContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets”

EvasBookStore ~ First Day of Beauty College

Welcome to your first day of beauty college. You are now underway, getting the career of your dreams. You have been planning this for some time now and the day has finally arrived. Get ready for an exciting first day. Requirements ~ You will be informed on the rules and regulations you must comply byContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ First Day of Beauty College”

Evasbookstore ~ Fall Chestnut Hair Color Ideas

Fall brings us pretty chestnut hair color ideas when Summer ends. There are many ranges of the color chestnut that you will see from the photo’s below. When I client tells their stylist, they would like their hair to be a chestnut color, the stylist needs you to bring a picture of exactly of howContinue reading “Evasbookstore ~ Fall Chestnut Hair Color Ideas”

EvasBookStore ~ 8 Tips for First Haircut

Are you dreading to take your little one for their first haircut? Fear no more. Here are 8 tips to make your child’s first haircut stress free. I have been a hairstylist for over 35 years and here is my advice. Book the appointment ~ When calling your favorite salon, make sure to mention thisContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ 8 Tips for First Haircut”