EvasBookStore ~ Breaking News: Make-up for Men?

Chanel has decided to launch a new make- up for men, according to instagram. This is not a new idea. Men have been wearing make-up for ages. Usually it was disguised in a stick form, acne remedy, but Instagram is buzzing about this new idea concept which will include lip balm, foundation and eyebrow pencil. Korea will be first on the list of getting this “new idea,” and by January 2019, it should hit the state’s social media influencers.


This may make a whole new business for the 5 O’clock shadow.



This is just another way to promote genderless products to guys. Men have not felt comfortable wearing make-up and now that the campaign will be called “make-up for men”. I think the big beauty industry moguls are hoping that men will jump on the band wagon of pumping the pockets of the beauty industry.

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