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 Hello friends, I’d like to introduce my guest blogger today Ananda Krishnan S at Bepoetiecal. Let’s welcome my guest by reading the answers to 10 questions he was asked about his blogging site.

I have always wanted to know the answers to these questions about other bloggers, who are just starting out and the ones who have been blogging for years.


10 questions for Guest Bloggers


  1. How long have you been blogging?

To be frank blogging was never in my mind and I never thought that I will ever become a blogger.  Now coming back to the question, I have been blogging for the last two months. I started out in the month of May-2018 and have continued since and I wish to be able to do the same as long as possible.


  1. What inspired you to start Blogging?

It’s true that every action a human does has some or the other inspiration behind it. In my case        inspiration came from one of my family member. He always tells me that – “You should follow your passion and express your views irrespective of the outcome.” I think that’s what I have done till now, expressing my love for poetry.


  1. How are you an expert at your blogging genre?

Most of you might have visited my site, if not – mine is a poetry blog as I write poems in my leisure time and I give all my effort in sharing with you all. Most of my poems are in Free Verse, which shows that I write my heart out also looking out for the basics of poetry writing like using the poetic devices and rhyming schemes and a lot more. I try my best to stick the basics and write my content which is easily readable and loved by the users.


  1. How did you come up with your website title?

Well …that was actually not a tough task. While creating my site I saw many suggestions but they didn’t intrigue me. So it was my mom who gave me this suggestion of keeping the title “Bepoetical,” because she thinks that this title will inspire people to love poetry, and here’s my site – Bepoetical~WordPress in front of you all…


  1. How do you come up with each of your blog titles?

Now as you know that my blog posts are nothing but my poems. So all my blog titles are nothing but the title of my poem.


  1. What have you learned from blogging?

Though I’m just a beginner in blogging and I have close to nil experience as compared to the other renowned bloggers over the internet. Still during this short 2 month journey of blogging has been a wonderful experience for me. I got to learn something that gives me my daily dose of inspiration – “Success never comes overnight.” My blogging experience till now has given me a reason to work hard in life, and I’m sure that with each passing day I will learn something very unique and important which I will be cherishing my entire life till posterity.


  1. How do you get your ideas for each blog you create?

We all know that the human mind is never short of ideas. Whenever we do something always have a reason behind. It could be anything. In my case I get ideas for my blog-posts from my past experience which was like a roller-coaster ride for me. Through my work I try to inspire my readers that irrespective of the past, you still have an upper hand towards your future.


  1. How often do you blog?

Apart from blogging I’m an engineering student in India. So managing time for blogging along with studies and extra-curricular activities becomes a tough task for me, but we all know that success comes at the price of extreme hard work. So, whenever I get time I sit down a write my heart, and when it comes to blogging I try and stick to Saturdays and Sundays so that I can have a wider range of audience.


  1. Which of yours blogs is your favorite and why?

Each and every work of mine is near and dear to me, but if I have to select one which is closest to my heart, then without any doubt it would be my poem with the title – “If I knew…”. If you are wondering why, then there are two reasons behind it. First, it’s written for someone really close to me and second when I finished writing this I had a gut feeling that this is my best and would be loved my audience (Which actually happened).


  1. What are your future goals with your blogging site?

“Future is Uncertain”. This is absolutely true, but one’s future can be made certain if he/she works tirelessly towards the goal. For me blogging is my passion and my effort to express my love for poetry. With each passing day I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with poetry and blogging. Regarding my future goals with my blog, I have a clear-cut picture in my mind, that’s to work tirelessly towards my passion (i.e. To spread my love for poetry as far as I can…) without any regret because I don’t want to “be an old man filled with regret …”

Thank you Ananda Krishnan S for being my guest on EvasBookStore.com site today.

Please like and follow my guest at their website at (www.bepoetical.wordpress.com)

Stayed tuned for our next featured guest.

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