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When ever we mention the word “beauty,” the first person who pops into our heads might be the first century’s, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. She is known to be the first queen of beauty. Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and lived until 30 BC. She became queen in the year 51 BC., when she was a tender 18 years of age. She was born In Egypt and came from the Ptolemy lineage but what most don’t know is that she had pale Greece skin, which actually made her quite beautiful with her dark flowing hair and dark eyes to contrast.She was able to speak 9 languages fluently. She married her true love Mark Antony on October 40 BC – August 1, 30 BC. They were married for only 10 years when she mysteriously died.

Cleopatra’s father, Ptolemy XII (Auletes), was an active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. Cleopatra was born into a royal family. I can image how the royal maids would bathe her and comb her hair daily. She probably had at least two or three master hairstylists not to mention the hairstylists assistant. A facialist and a manicurist were always at her beacon call. After all, if she were to chip a nail, someone would be there to clip it and file it down to size.

Cleopatra’s did not take her beauty secrets to her grave. Here are 10 timeless beauty secrets she has left for us to use.

As a queen this was probably her daily beauty routine.

  1. Cleanser ~ Cleopatra loved the moisturizing and nourishing qualities oatmeal gave  her skin. Her ladies in waiting would crush the oatmeal into a fine grind and mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with just enough mild to fully dampen the oatmeal. Then they would rinse her face with cool water.
  2. Exfoliation ~ She was thought to have radiant skin because of the Dead Sea Salts and olive oil her beauty experts would combine together for her and scrub her body and face gently exfoliating her whole body.
  3. Face mask ~After her girls cleansed and exfoliated her face and body they applied a combination of Aloe Vera and honey serum to her skin for 15 minutes. She loved the moisturizing affects her skin felt.
  4. Hair Repair ~ While Cleopatra’s face was being taken care of her beauty specialists would apply 1 tablespoon of warm honey, 2 tablespoons of castor oil combined with 1 raw egg on her hair and let it soak into her hair for the same amount of time her face mask was left on. This mixture helped prevent hair breakage.
  5. Toner ~ To make sure the queen was left clean and moisturized from the honey and oil treatment. The beauty specialists would drench her in apple cider vinegar which contains an acidity effect.
  6. Bath ~ Now that she smelled of apple cider vinegar, it was time to take her bath. Special beauty bathers would combine raw sour milk and honey to bathe her skin. They soaked her skin for a half our before toweling her off. The secret recipe for her milk and hone bath. Boil water add ½ cup of honey until dissolved. When the honey has cooled add 2 cups raw sour milk. Stir and add it to the bath water.
  7. Massage ~ When the beauty experts were finishing up the bath a massage therapist would enter into the queen’s chamber. With expertise hands and the knowledge of essential oils. The therapist would take the sour milk smell away with Cleopatra’s favorite oils. Frankincense, neroli, cypress, rose, and myrrh essential oils—all aphrodisiacs where her highness’ favorite oils.
  8. Eyes ~ her morning rituals continued with her eye make-up. Organic charcoal, (first invented in her time) was used for eyeliner along with soot from various nuts, seeds, gum resins and plant oils. Her beauty advisors knew just how to draw the perfect Cat-Eye look for her to enhance her beauty.
  9. Lips ~ Red Ochre, a natural pigment was finely ground and mixed with water by her beauty experts, then applied to her lips and cheeks.
  10. Nails ~ The beauty experts also had to know how to make the vegetable dye called Henna. After the mixture of yellow and orange was prepared the hand expert knew just how to apply the Henna to improve the queen’s hands.

There you have it. Our most beautiful queen in history has left behind her beauty secrets, and we have been using them in our salons and homes for over two thousand years.

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Royal Ontario Museum – Statue of Cleopatra statue fragment, 69-30 BC


Juvenal, Satires (VI.617)

“What woman will not follow when an Empress leads the way?”

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