EvasBookStore ~ Perfect Eye Brows and Brow Disasters

Most girls begin to do their eyebrows in high school. The very first time you think about getting your brows done you should book an appointment with your local aesthetician. They will create the perfect brow for you. From there you can always do you own. If you have ever thought about entering the beautyContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Perfect Eye Brows and Brow Disasters”

EvasBookStore ~ Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

When ever we mention the word “beauty,” the first person who pops into our heads might be the first century’s, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. She is known to be the first queen of beauty. Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and lived until 30 BC. She became queen in the year 51 BC., when she wasContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets”

EvasBookStore ~ First Day of Beauty College

Welcome to your first day of beauty college. You are now underway, getting the career of your dreams. You have been planning this for some time now and the day has finally arrived. Get ready for an exciting first day. Requirements ~ You will be informed on the rules and regulations you must comply byContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ First Day of Beauty College”

Choosing Book Covers For Your Books

I love this subject so much because when you choose book covers for your book means a lot to me. Since each book has a different genre, I didn’t need to make them look anything like the other. Whew!! The first book that was covered is called So You Think You Want To Be AContinue reading “Choosing Book Covers For Your Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Calling All Readers Who Love to Read Books

Hi there, and welcome, I’m glad you came to this blog, because I am calling all readers who love to read books today. EvasBoookStore.com has three different audiobook genres to choose from. Modified: 2099 is an action packed, time traveling, fun book to read about what may become of the world by the year 2099.Continue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Calling All Readers Who Love to Read Books”