Choosing Book Covers For Your Books

I love this subject so much because when you choose book covers for your book means a lot to me. Since each book has a different genre, I didn’t need to make them look anything like the other. Whew!!

The first book that was covered is called So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist. I had the cover in mind of how it should look. First of all, I chose the color yellow. The reason why? Since being a hairstylist for over 35 years I had done a lot of marketing for my salons to get people’s attention and come into the salon. I noticed that my ads were always more noticed when the ad was yellow. The color yellow stands out more in a crowd of colors. Next… If you’ll notice, the scissor is cutting the letter Y as in WHY be a hairstylist? The letter y is cut as if it is hair being cut and falling to the floor. The letters in Hairstylist is RED. That is because red against the backdrop of yellow screams out at you to look at me. I had this cover professionally done by a hair client of mine who owns a print shop. Now you know my secret. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone else, hahaha!

Next was the cover for Modified: 2099. That picture of a sun-flare shooting off the sun was painted in pastels. I have an art degree from Saddleback College and I love pastels and oil paints. I wanted an original cover that no one else would ever have, so I painted it myself. Do you like it?

Last is the cover for the book The Eleventh Arrow. This was not the original cover. Some people bought a book that had no picture on it. Friends told me that I should make it more personal, so I did. I oil painted on canvas the Hungarian flag the way it was during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, tatty and torn. I put some graphic soldiers in front of the flag to honor those who died during the conflict. And in the middle of the flag you can barely make out 1956 Hungary. I am very proud of the components of the flag. What do you think?

Soooo, when you have any of these books in your hand, be it on the train or in a plane, if someone asks you about these books, you can tell them the story about their covers when the people ask you, “what are you reading?”

All of these books are published on Amazon and are available with your Free trial audiobook. Nothing to buy, it’s completely FREE!!

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