EvasBookStore ~ First Day of Beauty College

 Welcome to your first day of beauty college. You are now underway, getting the career of your dreams. You have been planning this for some time now and the day has finally arrived. Get ready for an exciting first day.

Requirements ~ You will be informed on the rules and regulations you must comply by such as proper shoes, required uniform, your cosmetology kit and other material costs. You will also be required to purchase textbooks and mannequin heads you will be using while you are in school practicing.

Level 1 ~ You will learn that you must clock in and clock out on a time card to prove your hours of completion. You must maintain a GPA average of 2.0 or higher to move to the next level, where you will be able to work on real customers.

Things you will learn while in beauty college ~ Preform all areas of cosmetology including hair, skin and nails. Build skills to maintain a client in the salon environment. Use good work ethics in the beauty industry. Demonstrate knowledge regarding hiring, resumes and keeping good records of your client’s transactions. Obtain basic knowledge and information to pass your State Board examination with a score of 75% or better.

Homework ~ Some of your homework will include: Studying your book, clipping magazine pictures of hair and any other fun tasks your teachers assign you.


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