Evasbookstore ~ 2018 Fall Chestnut Hair Color Ideas

Fall 2018 brings us pretty chestnut hair color ideas when Summer ends. There are many ranges of the color chestnut that you will see from the photo’s below. When I client tells their stylist, they would like their hair to be a chestnut color, the stylist needs you to bring a picture of exactly of how intense you would like to be.

Chestnut is a medium reddish shade of brown and is named after the chestnut tree. Chestnut is also a dark tan color that has the appearance of brown. The difference between chestnut and Auburn is that Auburn is redder in color where chestnut has more brown hues. The color Russet is a dark brown color with a touch of red-orange.

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Here are the true chestnut hair colors to chose from this fall.