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Are you dreading to take your little one for their first haircut? Fear no more. Here are 8 tips to make your child’s first haircut stress free. I have been a hairstylist for over 35 years and here is my advice.

  1. Book the appointment ~ When calling your favorite salon, make sure to mention this is your child’s first haircut so they can give you an experienced stylist who handles first haircuts best.
  2.  Hold your child ~ When it comes to a baby’s first haircut many times it is better for babies to be held by their parents. Some babies scream and cry while other babies sit very still and curiously look around.
  3. Never say the word “Cut” ~ I have found never to use the word “cut.” That word may scare a baby into tears. Instead if we use the word “trim” your hair, they are not as bothered.
  4. Be patient ~ It may take a few haircuts before your child will feel comfortable with a stylist cutting their hair. It’s always better to go to the same stylist so that your child will feel safe with the person trimming their hair. Unless your stylist doesn’t like cutting your child’s hair, then you must move on and find a new stylist who does. Some beauty salons cater to children’s haircuts but if the parent has a favorite stylist they may ask them to trim the baby’s hair too.  Never expect a perfect haircut when your child moves around. You stylist may only get a few snips before having to call it quits.
  5.  Keep-sake hair strand ~ Some baby books have a place to place the first haircut. You may ask your stylist if they have a plastic zip bag to put the first strand of haircut.
  6. Take lots of pictures ~ This is a first in your baby’s life. It is one to be treasured forever. The photos will be fun to see for your child when they are older.
  7. Distract the child ~ When I would do a first haircut, I would work with the parents to distract the child with toys, combs or even the water bottle. At the end of the haircut, I always gave them a fun surprise of a lollypop or small toy.
  8. Lots of smiles ~ If your child sees it is no big deal to get a haircut they are less appointment to react to a haircut with fear.

If you think you would love to become a hairstylist specializing in the baby’s first haircut. You must read the book So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist. A great insight into the beauty profession.


Here are some cute baby cuts that you will love

Just a snip

Here we go

a smile from the baby

Loving his first cut

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