Evasbookstore ~ Fall Chestnut Hair Color Ideas

Fall brings us pretty chestnut hair color ideas when Summer ends. There are many ranges of the color chestnut that you will see from the photo’s below. When I client tells their stylist, they would like their hair to be a chestnut color, the stylist needs you to bring a picture of exactly of howContinue reading “Evasbookstore ~ Fall Chestnut Hair Color Ideas”

EvasBookStore ~ Back to School Hairstyle Braids

Back to school braids are about to happen in a big way. The ease and convenience of a braid has been passed down from generations. In fact, I remember myself getting my daily braid every morning to keep my long hair out of my eyes. My mother would put a nice satin bow at theContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Back to School Hairstyle Braids”

EvasBookStore ~ Inspiration for writing my hairstylist book

What inspired me to write my hairstylist book called, So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist was the fact that a young friend of mine wanted to go to beauty college. I knew things have changed a lot since I started in the beauty field over 40 years ago and I wanted toContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Inspiration for writing my hairstylist book”