EvasBookStore ~ Inspiration for writing my hairstylist book

What inspired me to write my hairstylist book called, So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist was the fact that a young friend of mine wanted to go to beauty college. I knew things have changed a lot since I started in the beauty field 40 years ago and I wanted to l warn her of all the changes in the industry that has been happening in the past 40 years.

I thought the best way to inform her about what has taken place was to write a book. Put it all out there. If after reading the truth about the industry she still wanted to become a hairstylist she should. The problem was her mother who was also a hairstylist, who was never able to make a career out of the hair styling business insisted that her daughter finish beauty college.

Two years after my friend received her beauty license, she was still unable to find a job as a hairstylist. No one would hire her. So, she decided to work at a waxing place, just to make ends meet. Not the job of her dreams but a job. After much promises of more work and more hours, my friend decided it was time to leave the field. She spent over $12,000.000 going to school and then only being able to work part time (forever) at minimum wage!! She thought enough is enough. So now this young lady is finally going to college to pursue another field. I tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen. If only she had read my book first before shelling out so much money for beauty school.

It is all in my book. I am not saying in the book that you shouldn’t be a hairstylist. What I am saying is… Know the field before entering it, so that you don’t make the same mistakes others have. I would like to spread the word to all people who are considering the hair styling business to read the book first. If you know someone who is bent on becoming a stylist, buy them this book so they may decide if this is the right business for them to enter. You may save them over $12.000.000 Or knowing what they are getting themselves in for. You never know… they might become the next Paul Mitchel. (His story is in the book too).