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The Seven chieftains of the Magyars (or Hungarians) were the leaders of the seven tribes of the Hungarians at the time of their arrival from the Carpathian Basin in upper Mongolia in the year 895 AD.


Constantine VII, emperor of the Byzantine Empire names the seven tribes in his imperial administration manifesto. This list that can be verified with names of Hungarian settlements.

According to Simon of Kéza.

Seven Hungarian chieftains

Hungarian chronicler Simon of Keza names seven captains who led seven tribes:


Árpád, son of Álmos, who was the son of Elod, who was the son of Ugyek

The rest of these names were also included in the manifesto.

Szabolcs                               Gyula                    Ors                         Kund                     Lel

Verbulcsu, whose name’s origin is that “his father was killed by Germans, and for revenge, “he drank the blood of some, like wine”.

I would stay far away from Verbulcsu. In my opinion they were all pretty blood thirsty when an enemy killed one of their own.

History/ The Last Three Arrows of Hungary ~ Created the 10 Arrows of Hungary

Three On-ogur Tribe

Before 881 AD three Turkic tribes rebelled against the rule of the Khagan of the Kahazars, known as the king of kings, but they were defeated. After their defeat they left the Khazar Empire and voluntarily joined the Hétmagyar confederation. The three tribes were organized into one tribe, called Kabar, and later they played the roles of vanguard and rear guard during the joint military actions of the confederation won the King of Kings and pushed his army back to where they came from. When the seven tribesmen heard of the three tribes victory, they were asked to join with the seven tribes. The joining of the three tribes’ to the previous seven created the On-ogur (Ten Arrows), one of the possible origins for the name Hungarian.

Reference// Gyorffy Gyorgy. Istvan Kiraly es muve. Gondolat Budapest 1983. ISBN 963-289-221-2. More information about the Ten arrows of Hungary can be found at wikipedia.org/wiki/Margyar tribes

Photo/ found on google images/ “The blood covenant of the seven Hungarian tribes” by Gyula Laszlo




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