EvasBookStore ~ Inspirations for writing my book

Since I have written three books I get my inspiration for writing my books from many different places.

Book number one which was written first is called Modified 2099. This book is a time travel, GMO book that goes to many different places. There are scenes in the book which are timeless. When you see the pictures, you may automatically know where the characters have time traveled to.  One of the places you will travel is a nearby island close to the shores of San Clemente called Catalina island.  The imagination comes when the future has change this beautiful island into something different from what you see in this picture.

More changes take place thought history since some of the book takes place in the year 2099, including that of the Saddleback Mountains located on the east edge of south Orange County California. This is what it looks like today. In the story it takes on a brand-new appearance, but the original idea comes from what the mountain looks like now.

Another idea of time travel came from a trip I took to Las Vegas with my parents. My mother loved the slot machines and I remember them well. They took a few dollars from me in the past, those one-armed bandits!!

See, it doesn’t take much to stir your mind into revealing inspirational memories from the past. These are the inspirations books are made of. A memory turns into a story written in books for all to read.