Inspirations For Writing My Book Called Modified 2099

Since I have written three books, I would like to share with you where I get my inspiration for writing my audiobooks, from many different places. Book number one which was written first is called Modified 2099. This book is a time travel, GMO book that goes to many different places. There are scenes inContinue reading “Inspirations For Writing My Book Called Modified 2099”

EvasBookStore ~ How I found Names for The Book I Wrote

You as a reader, probably have never give it a thought as to how an author finds a name to put for their charters or the title of their books. I know before I started writing books I never gave it a thought, that’s for sure. Isn’t it just supposed to pop into the headsContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ How I found Names for The Book I Wrote”

EvasBookStore ~ Sun Flares

Imagine a numerous amount of sun flares crashing onto the earth’s surface. Skipping along from continent to continent. How much devastation could our planet take? Could we survive this type of calamity? In the book Modified 2099, this question is answered in the future when the people of this time will gather together and makeContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Sun Flares”

EvasBookStore ~ Kingdom of America

In the book Modified 2099 things have changed for the future of Americans. The country is now known for the kingdom of America. Past political mistakes between the early and mid-2000s have made it easy to take the country over by foreign countries. To take the country back from the invaders, a Kingdom of AmericaContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Kingdom of America”

EvasBookStore ~ Flying Cars

When we think of flying cars the first image in our minds might be the “Jetson’s” flying car. Or maybe it’s from the movie “Back To The Future’s” flying car. But why? Why does a future car have to look like a DeLorean? Maybe it will look more like a modern-day helicopter, but only plusherContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Flying Cars”