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Imagine a numerous amount of sun flares crashing onto the earth’s surface. Skipping along from continent to continent. How much devastation could our planet take? Could we survive this type of calamity?

In the book Modified 2099, this question is answered in the future when the people of this time will gather together and make the world a better place. Domes are built in places where people have survived. New vegetation is introduced to feed the ones who have endured the new climate change.

Modified 2099 is not just a sci-fi book. It is also a futuristic book that deals with the hearts and minds of the future, where cars fly, and people travel through time with their time machine.

The year 2099 will be different from the time we live in now. More advances in technology, medicine, even the fuel we now use. We will be capable of harnessing energy far beyond our imagination.  Power struggles will emerge like never before.

The children who are being born today will see things that we can only dream of. Will they see cyborgs in the future? Or will they see a planet that is flourishing because of the preparations we are doing for them now. Is it enough? Or, will the sun flares hit the planet and all life as we know it will change. Only you can answer the question after reading the book Modified 2099.

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