EvasBookStore ~ How To Write A Good Book Review

The best way to write a good book review is to see what kind of a review opportunity you have. Some sites have a rating system from 1- 5, where 5 is the best. Every author wants to see a 5-star rating on all of their books.  But as an author myself we do know that there are people out there that will never give you a 5 star even if it the best book they have ever read in their whole lives. While some readers might be constantly in a bad mood and will never give a book more than a 1-star.  I have read a site where they tell you that most people should keep the ratings in the middle and give a book a 3. Obviously, this person has never written a book themselves or they would say such a horrible thing to book readers.

If you think your ratings and reviews don’t matter to an author, you are wrong. How you rate someone’s book may cause an author to write their last book. If the book was horrible, maybe that author should really think of another career, but if you enjoyed the book you have just read, why not let your author know that it was a great book.

Authors are not allowed to ask for reviews on their books. I think it is against the law or something. If an author solicits book reviews from there published book on Amazon, and they find out about it, that book will be pulled from the Amazon site.

When you write a good review, include a brief synopsis of what you have just read, without giving away any of the plot.  You want the next reader to be just as surprised as you were about the content of the book. You may let people know how you felt as you were reading the book. Praise the author if you felt the book was great.

The size of the book review depends upon how good of a writer you are. A short “I love the book especially when blah blah blah happened,” may be a good review when 5 shinning stars are peering out at the author.

If you haven’t reviewed a book that you have read yet, now is a good time to do it. Let your authors know how much you love their work. Be generous with your five stars. You will be happy you did.