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When we think of flying cars the first image in our minds might be the “Jetson’s” flying car. Or maybe it’s from the movie “Back To The Future’s” flying car. But why? Why does a future car have to look like a DeLorean? Maybe it will look more like a modern-day helicopter, but only plusher and more refined. George Jetson and his dog Astro would approve of the soft, ultra-futuristic material seats that fit nicely to your body and holds you safely into place.

The year is 2099 in the book Modified 2099 and the future no longer has cars that drive on the ground. They fly through the sky and reach their destination in a sonic flash. No longer needing fuel or the flux capacitors, they are now all powered by solar. Safety and comfort is the future’s reason for building them. Plus, there are no speed limits in the sky. The sky police will never pull you over for flying too fast.

These cars are changed out yearly to ensure the best quality of flight. New colors are invented along with new features. Older models rattled at take-off, but now this no longer happens. These new flying cars are smooth and sleek as they take off and land. Next year’s model promises to have the ability to enter in the coordinates and let your flying car do the rest. They had those long ago when they had land cars and are now integrating them into the flying machines. The other new option will be the ability to breath in the sweet smells of the plumeria plant that grows wildly along the skyways path. Each plumeria has its own special scent leaving the car smelling fresh and clean.

When the brothers Harry and Z were younger they used to race their flyers hard. But, now since the country changed the fuel to solar, it is impossible to race. Slow and steady is the new slogan. Getting home was now the number one priority of America.

What would your flying car look like? Would you want to race it up in the air or follow the rules of “slow and steady?”

If you would like to feel yourself up in the sky while Harry and Z drive their flying cars, make sure you order the book Modified 2099 right away from Amazon to continue this flying experience.