EvasBookStore ~ Time Travel Machine

Imagine a future with a time travel machine. You are only allowed to go back in time as an observer. You are not allowed to disturb what you see, not allowed not to interfere with the past. You are not allowed to bring back anyone from the past either. You are not allowed in any way, shape or form, to change the past in any way. You are not allowed to stop people from dying. Anything you do in the past may alter your future. So, it is just not allowed, in fact it is strictly forbidden.

What treasures would you want to bring back with you? What secrets will unfold before your very eyes on your trip? The smells, the flavors, the atmosphere. What an adventure it will be when you go on your time travel trip.

How did the future break the code of time travel? We all know one day there may be a possibility to time travel. Some of our dreams take us back in time. But to make this a reality will take a special person to develop the craft to make this possible.

In which date do you think the time machine will be completed? In My book Modified 2099 the future has arrived. The time machine has just been completed. And they must decide where to travel back into time. Harry is the pilot of his time travel machine and has taught himself the skills it would take to go back into time with any of his co-pilots. I think if it were me, I would only travel with Harry, since he is the one who invented his time machine along with a few other people on his crew.

Of course, the funding of such a machine is given by the government and the orders where you are to travel can only be issued by the head of the country. What would the country want in the year 2099? Would they want ancient weapons that are so out dated that the future couldn’t not possibly need them? What about ancient coins? That should be worth something in the future, right?

It is impossible to know what the future will need until you read the book Modified 2099. In this book you may fantasies about your own past travels and what it would be like to go back into time with Harry.  If you are ready to take that futuristic travel with me, here is the link that takes you right to your travels. Don’t delay. Start reading today.