EvasBookStore ~ Beginning Middle and End Concept of my Books

With all three of my books I had first had to have a beginning, middle and end book concept of what I wanted to write about.

The book Modified 2099, my concept had to have a beginning middle and end. The book begins in a room where a girl named Anna, who does not know where she is. Soon she realizes that she has been taken in a time machine to her future. But not a normal future. This future has genetically developed humans. Far different from the those of what she has read in futuristic books. These people are real. The book has good guys and bad guys in it. Making trouble for Anna to escape the clutches of her captor and make her way back home. It takes place in Orange county, California. Not all things have changed. You can still see the Saddle back mountains to the east and the beach of course is still to the west, although it has changed a bit. Having a time machine in the story makes it fun to travel to any place you would want to go and in anytime period. The question is…Where would you go if you had a time machine? Find out where the book Modified takes you… And remember… This could actually happen in your lifetime.

The book So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist, my concept was not about writing a story of a hairstylist. This is not that kind of book. This book was to let all the future hairstylist of the world to know what it could be like in this career. What I write in the book is the whole ugly truth about the hair business. It’s not to say you cannot overcome these basic truths. it is to arm you with knowing what you will be in for when you chose the beauty field as your life long profession. The book has a beginning where the profession will take you first. A middle once you are in the profession and an end to guide you to your final choice of becoming a hairstylist.

And the book The Eleventh Arrow. For this concept I knew the story so well that I knew how I would start the book and where I would end the book. What I didn’t know was how to handle being in first person with two separate people’s version as they tell the story of the story. First, I wanted to give the reader a glimpse of history of Why the Hungarian Revolution occurred. So many Hungarian people were suppressed by the Russians. Why were the people of Hungary asking for freedom? All that had to come out in the book. The plot thickened as the revolution continued. The family had only one choice to make when the Russians brought in the tanks.