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Book titles are an important way for a reader to find not just a book, but your book.

When I started writing my first book Modified 2099, I started with a title that had to do with time travel.  Because my book has time travel in it. Then the time travel title went away from the title, and I was left with no title at all. Next came the adventure. When I started writing about the scientific aspect of my book it had a name to convey that feature. That title didn’t last long either. How were my readers going to find my title among all the rest of the titles of books they like to read? My answer was to keep it short and sweet. Get right to the point. The book had one name because the book was written about genetically modified people. It was perfect “Modified” would be my title. I published my book with the one word “Modified,” but others also used that title, I needed to add onto my title, so it may easily be found. That’s when I added the year it was portraying; the future year is 2099.

The next books title was easy. I began the book with the title and it remained the title until it was time to publish. So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist. The title itself would convey a message to all readers, this book was for someone who wanted to be a hairstylist. A long title indeed. But one necessary to let readers know why they were opening the book to read each page. Giving advice to young students who want to become stylists is easy when you have been a hairstylist as long as I have. That book title was the easiest of the three I wrote.

My next books title had to be something unique to the story. Something the reader should know about the history they are about to read. Being set in the 1950s, this book is a true to life history of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. I never thought I would be the one who would write it. But it had to be me since I was the one the story was told to all my life. I chose The Eleventh Arrow as a title to commemorate the history of the Ten Arrows of the Hungarian history.  All the warriors of Hungary who not only protect the nation of Hungary but to all the surrounding nations from the beginning of history. Hungary is strategically place right at the opening of Europe, where anyone who wants to invade the European nations would have to first enter Hungary. They are the gateway to Europe. No other country may be invaded unless they want to be. With Hungary’s protection, all other countries are safe at the time of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.


Finding the right title that helps you find my books has been a challenge. I needed a bit of time and patients until the right title came along. Each title, unique to each book. With that in mind, I hope you find the book that interests your reading appetite. Please enjoy with this link.


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