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What is a Genre you might ask? When it comes to choosing a book to read by it’s genre, first you have to know the meaning of the word. Genre means choosing a category in which my audiobooks will fall into. Of course, I tend to do everything backwards. I wrote my audiobook without taking into consideration about which “genre” it will fall into. My genres are all over the place with all three audiobooks… So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist, Modified 2099 and The Eleventh Arrow. In my opinion, why shouldn’t they be? Why shouldn’t an author write about the creative thoughts that pop into their heads? I wrote what I was supposed to write. It was as if it had to come out of me. Not what was going to make me money. It came from the heart. When sitting in front of the computer. I don’t start by thinking, what will my genre be. I start with an idea of what the story will be about. I put a lot of thought into the characters. Or if I am writing a self-help book. I already know the genre will be self-help so that is an easy category to choose.

Some books have several genres such as “fantasy” or “mystery” they may intertwine and overlap.

Also, something you should know is this. When self-publishing my audiobooks. I chose from more than one genre. Example. Genre. #1, #8 and #19

This is Kindles Top 20 Genres today

  1. Romance ~ Contemporary
  2. Literature & Fiction ~ Contemporary Fiction ~ Women
  3. Romance ~ New Adult & College
  4. Literature & Fiction ~ Contemporary Fiction ~ Romance
  5. Literature & Fiction ~ Women ~ Romance
  6. Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Coming of Age 24
  7. Romance -> Mystery & Suspense -> Suspense
  8. Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Paranormal & Urban
  9. Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction -> Erotica
  10. Literature & Fiction -> Women -> Mystery, Thriller & Suspense -> Women Sleuths
  11. Romance -> Romantic Comedy
  12. Literature & Fiction -> Literary Fiction -> Literary
  13. Literature & Fiction -> Contemporary Fiction -> Literary
  14. Literature & Fiction -> Genre Fiction ->
  15. Science Fiction & Fantasy -> Fantasy -> Epic
  16. Romance -> Fantasy
  17. Romance -> Paranormal -> Werewolves & Shifters
  18. Romance -> Holidays
  19. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense -> Mystery -> Police Procedurals
  20. Literature & Fiction -> Humor & Satire -> General Humor

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