EvasBookStore ~ My Education To Become An Author

Yes, I needed EDUCATION to become an author. Some authors do not finish college until after they turn 50 as I did. Age really doesn’t matter.

What matters most is, that I got good grades in English. Yes, I may have needed a tutor to get an A in my local college English class, but the point is… If you are looking to do some writing, get yourself educated. There are places on line that will educate you. YouTube is one of my favorite places, a quick go to place where you can find almost anything you need. When I am not sure of my grammar, I head on over to YouTube and watch a few people teach me the things I need to learn. It only takes time and practice. And still I find mistakes. But usually people tell me about my mistakes, and when I make a mistake it is usually a doozy. But that does not detour me from writing.  I have been told that even professional writers have made mistakes in their articles they publish. Sometimes I surprise myself at the easily correctible mistakes I make. I put a comma, instead of a period. How is one to know without a writing degree? Well, I keep at it. I learn every day. I believe education is the key to living a long and healthy, happy life.

There are also local libraries and book stores that I shop at to get my education. I use this education to tell stories in the books I write. Because each book is different, I needed to do research before writing about the subject matter. Surprisingly, even in a fantasy, futuristic book such as Modified 2099 I researched the areas that the story took place. The self help book So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist, I called the State Board of California to get answers for my readers, so they wouldn’t have to. With the book The Eleventh Arrow, I read about the history of 1956 Hungary I wanted to give my readers a sense of being there in the present, not in the past.

I believe our future education will come only from the internet one day. We have brick and mortar schools now where we can talk to our teachers. But in the very near future, that may end, and what we will be left with is getting our education from people like me who write books from our knowledge of our past.

Growing up I recall, it was first grade when I began to read and write, “See Spot run.” Today, the children are more sophisticated. We have better teachers for our eager children who will teach them far beyond what they taught back in my day. Many fourth-grade level students are now reading 12th grade level subjects. When I write my books, I keep this in mind and write appropriately.



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