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EvasBookStore Attention Beauty Stylist, 10-Disaster Haircuts

Take a look at these 10-disaster haircuts done by professionals and nonprofessionals alike. Look into the world of what it’s like to becomea professional hairstylist. Would you be the one to cut these hairstyles when you get out of beauty college and into a professional salon? It may be time for you to read theContinue reading “EvasBookStore Attention Beauty Stylist, 10-Disaster Haircuts”

EvasBookStore ~ CreateSpace Took 1 Day to Publish Book

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EvasBookStore ~ Perfect Eye Brows and Brow Disasters

Most girls begin to do their eyebrows in high school. The very first time you think about getting your brows done you should book an appointment with your local aesthetician. They will create the perfect brow for you. From there you can always do you own. If you have ever thought about entering the beautyContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Perfect Eye Brows and Brow Disasters”