EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers

I myself, am a Kindle e-book reader as maybe you are as well. I have read many Kindle e-books and have really enjoyed the books I have read. What I didn’t know was there are different ways Kindle pays authors who put their books up in Kindle. I would like to share with you…. KDPContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers”

EvasBookStore ~ CreateSpace Took 1 Day to Publish Book

CreateSpace had always been very fast at publishing books, 1 day was awesome! I now feel relieved the process is finally over. It took weeks of edits until I could finally press the publish button at CreateSpace. The Secret Chatroom will now join the library of books on my site. https://evasbookstore.com/freeaudiobookshere/ This is the emailContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ CreateSpace Took 1 Day to Publish Book”

EvasBookStore ~ Say Good-Bye To CreateSpace

Let’s say good-by now to CreateSpace our favorite place to self-publish our books. Once the Mecca for self- publishing authors, now will only be a memory in time. Here is what they said in their first email. Hello, We’re excited to announce that CreateSpace (CSP) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will become one service, andContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Say Good-Bye To CreateSpace”