EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers

I myself, am a Kindle e-book reader as maybe you are as well. I have read many Kindle e-books and have really enjoyed the books I have read. What I didn’t know was there are different ways Kindle pays authors who put their books up in Kindle. I would like to share with you…. KDPContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Amazing Message to Kindle eBook Readers”

EvasBookStore ~ Readers Help Authors By Answering 10 Questions

Readers have helped authors for many years by giving them answers to 10 questions during a survey. It’s important to authors to reach out and find their audience. And in order to do that we needto find out what is important for readers when they read our books.     My first book I wroteContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Readers Help Authors By Answering 10 Questions”

EvasBookStore ~WARNING: Identity Stolen with Free Online Book Sites

  I just found out that is it possible to have your identity stolen by scammers when you try to get a free book online. Scenario ~ I was looking for my book online and happen to see it offered for free. I got in contact with Amazon and asked them if they were givingContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~WARNING: Identity Stolen with Free Online Book Sites”