EvasBookStore ~ Kingdom of America

In the book Modified 2099 things have changed for the future of Americans. The country is now known for the kingdom of America. Past political mistakes between the early and mid-2000s have made it easy to take the country over by foreign countries. To take the country back from the invaders, a Kingdom of AmericaContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Kingdom of America”

EvasBookStore ~ Flying Cars

When we think of flying cars the first image in our minds might be the “Jetson’s” flying car. Or maybe it’s from the movie “Back To The Future’s” flying car. But why? Why does a future car have to look like a DeLorean? Maybe it will look more like a modern-day helicopter, but only plusherContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Flying Cars”

EvasBookStore ~ Time Travel Machine

Imagine a future with a time travel machine. You are only allowed to go back in time as an observer. You are not allowed to disturb what you see, not allowed not to interfere with the past. You are not allowed to bring back anyone from the past either. You are not allowed in anyContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Time Travel Machine”

EvasBookStore ~ Beginning Middle and End Concept of my Books

With all three of my books I had first had to have a beginning, middle and end book concept of what I wanted to write about. The FREE trial audiobook Modified 2099, my concept had to have a beginning middle and end. The book begins in a room where a girl named Anna, who doesContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Beginning Middle and End Concept of my Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Finding A Title For Books You Would Like To Read

Book titles are an important way for a reader to find not just a book, but your book. When I started writing my first book Modified 2099, I started with a title that had to do with time travel.  Because my book has time travel in it. Then the time travel title went away fromContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Finding A Title For Books You Would Like To Read”