EvasBookStore ~ Finding A Title For Books You Would Like To Read

Book titles are an important way for a reader to find not just a book, but your book. When I started writing my first book Modified 2099, I started with a title that had to do with time travel.  Because my book has time travel in it. Then the time travel title went away fromContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Finding A Title For Books You Would Like To Read”

EvasBookStore ~ How To Choose A Book To Read By Their Genres

Some books have several genres such as “fantasy” or “mystery” they may intertwine and overlap. Also, something you should know is this. When self-publishing my audiobooks. I chose from more than one genre. Example. Genre. #1, #8 and #19 This is Kindles Top 20 Genres today Romance ~ Contemporary Literature & Fiction ~ Contemporary FictionContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ How To Choose A Book To Read By Their Genres”

EvasBookStore ~ My Education To Become An Author

Yes, I needed EDUCATION to become an author. Some authors do not finish college until after they turn 50 as I did. Age really doesn’t matter. What matters most is, that I got good grades in English. Yes, I may have needed a tutor to get an A in my local college English class, butContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ My Education To Become An Author”


Would you like to try a FREE Trial Audiobook? Nothing to buy… It’s FREE!!!! Welcome to EvasBookStore.com Hi My name is Eva Szilagyi, I am an author of 4 different audiobooks, with 4 different genres. Modified: 2099 ~Book info The Eleventh Arrow ~Book info The Secret Chatroom ~Book Info So You Think You Want ToContinue reading “Welcome”

EvasBookStore ~ I Became An Author

When I became an Author, for me becoming an author came by accident. Stories that were inside of me that had to get out. My first audiobook came to me when California had a chance to vote to label their food. It still astonishes me that the corrupt GMO people duped the California’s into thinkingContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ I Became An Author”