EvasbookStore ~ Becoming A refugee During Donald Trump’s Presidency.

I am not so sure it would be possible for my family to become a refugee during Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” presidency.  I became a refugee during the 1956 Revolution of communist Hungary. My historical book called The Eleventh Arrow is based upon a true story of what it is like escaping yourContinue reading “EvasbookStore ~ Becoming A refugee During Donald Trump’s Presidency.”


Would you like to try a FREE Trial Audiobook? Nothing to buy… It’s FREE!!!! Welcome to EvasBookStore.com Hi My name is Eva Szilagyi, I am an author of 4 different audiobooks, with 4 different genres. Modified: 2099 ~Book info The Eleventh Arrow ~Book info The Secret Chatroom ~Book Info So You Think You Want ToContinue reading “Welcome”