Choosing Book Covers For Your Books

I love this subject so much because when you choose book covers for your book means a lot to me. Since each book has a different genre, I didn’t need to make them look anything like the other. Whew!! The first book that was covered is called So You Think You Want To Be AContinue reading “Choosing Book Covers For Your Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Calling All Readers Who Love to Read Books

Hi there, and welcome, I’m glad you came to this blog, because I am calling all readers who love to read books today. has three different audiobook genres to choose from. Modified: 2099 is an action packed, time traveling, fun book to read about what may become of the world by the year 2099.Continue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Calling All Readers Who Love to Read Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Writing for A Hollywood Connection

I can remember writing for a Hollywood connection, when I had already written my first few chapters of my books Modified:2099 and The Eleventh Arrow, I had already thought about who would play my main Character’s leading roll. No, Brad Pit was too old already. Both of my books would make some rising star, aContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Writing for A Hollywood Connection”

EvasbookStore ~ Becoming A refugee During Donald Trump’s Presidency.

I am not so sure it would be possible for my family to become a refugee during Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” presidency.  I became a refugee during the 1956 Revolution of communist Hungary. My historical book called The Eleventh Arrow is based upon a true story of what it is like escaping yourContinue reading “EvasbookStore ~ Becoming A refugee During Donald Trump’s Presidency.”