EvasBookStore.com ~ 10 Marketing Goals After Self-Publishing Books

I have created 10 marketing goals for myself after I self-published my books on Amazon. My goal is to reach all these goals within 6 months. Ready…Set…GO!!!

  1. Create a blog ~ That was the first thing I did with WordPress. But there are other great companies who have blogs. For instance, Google also has a good blog website.
  2. Learn about blogging ~ I have searched google for information. I have watched many YouTubes. And I check out people who blog to see how I would like to make my blog.
  3. Make time for myself to create 50 blogs ~ Sometimes finding time is the hardest to do. But when I am busy one day with work or children, then the next day I will dedicate more time to blog. Sometimes I can’t think of what my next subject will be. Then again, I find people who inspire me for my topic. The first two months I published around 20 blogs. I may reach my blog goal sooner.
  4. Get a Facebook page for my blogging~ That was pretty easy to do. I already have a few blogs on there since I created it yesterday. My goal now is to interact with people on my Facebook EvasBookStore.com page.
  5. Answer 50 questions people ask me about my books ~ I am not sure how I will be able to reach this goal since as of now I have 0.
  6. Find the best key words ~ I am always searching for better keywords to get my stories out there.
  7. Get at least half of my viewers from search engines~ Well, so far all my followers are from search engines.
  8. Get 100 people to like my blogs~ I am doing really well in getting people to like my blogs.
  9. Get 300 people to follow my blogs~ It was slow in the beginning. I was told to write good blogs and people will follow me. I am working on a new project and I hope it will help reach my goal.
  10. Make 100 book sales~ Oh yea. That is a big goal of mine.  I will work hard to make that goal happen.

I hope these goals have helped others to create their own goals after self-publishing their books. I would love to hear what yours are.

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