EvasBookStore ~ Must Make A New Facebook Page

I did it, I have a New Facebook page just for EvasBookStore.com where I have been posting my blogs. I am hoping all my EvasBookStore.com followers will chat with me on this Facebook page, because isn’t that what Facebook pages are for?

The main reason I created this page is because soon Facebook will no longer allow WordPress to automatically place blogs onto our personal sites. If we want our personal blogs on our site, we must do it manually.

For those people who have 14,000 followers this could be a hassle. For me not so much. I don’t mind putting my blogs onto the new page I had to build. Soon Facebook will be making many changes including a dating site? Wow, that will be great for everyone looking for love. What do you think about the up and coming changes to Facebook?

Come and check out my new Facebook site with this link