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I have already used ACX for my audio book called The Eleventh Arrow. A nice female contacted me, we made the terms together and she read my book. I am looking to have the same experience, but I think the readers have all changed now. I have had my book up on the ACX website for over a month and no one has contacted me. And I don’t think they ever will. The whole vibe now is different.

If I don’t go chasing after someone to read my book no one will come looking for me. Then when I did find someone who I liked their voice, they told me they were too busy. Why does ACX allow people’s names who are too busy to read your book on their site? Shouldn’t they ask a reader take their names off so that I don’t waste my time writing them a note asking them if they are available?

I sent a note to a female last week and they still have not responded to my note. How frustrating is that?

I have had offers from friends who have asked me if they could read my books for my audio version of the book, but their voices are male, and I am looking for a female reader.

Oh Lordy, hold the press, shut the front door, (are they still saying that?) hahah. I just got a couple of messages before pressing the publish button.

I just received a message from two of the readers who call themselves “producer” and this is what they say…

I asked the fist one if she could give me some information on how ACX works, and this is what she said,

1. “Hi Eva. The two options for narrator payment are Royalty Share (RS) and Per Finished Hour (PFH). PFH is just what it sounds like: narrators are paid per finished hour. My PFH rate is $150. As you mentioned, ACX estimates that your books will total 5 hours, so the cost would be $150 * 5 hours = $750. Each finished hour of audio is a minimum of 6 hours of work and can be as much as 14 hours of work, depending on the complexity of the book, the amount of research required by the narrator to prepare for the bookrecording, the accents / acting elements required, etc. At a minimum, each finished hour of audio requires that the narrator (1) read the material ahead of time (this is a much more in-depth read than your standard for-pleasure read; I am paying close attention and making notes regarding characterization, narration tone, writing style, etc), (2) record the material, (3) proof and edit the recorded audio to correct any mistakes and check for proper pacing, (4) engineer the audio to standardize volume levels and sound quality to provide an optimal listening experience, and (5) master the audio to make it retail-ready per ACX’s specifications. The process of preparing an hour of finished audio is quite complex. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments regarding the audiobook production process. I’m happy to help however I can.”

I later found out that my books is not 5 hours they are a total of 8 hours so my books for her to produce would be $1200.00

And here is the second response I received this morning.

“Hi, I am preparing an audition for your Hairstylist book. I held a cosmetology license many years ago in Chicago and owned a salon so I find your book exciting. I would however like to know about the SciFi book, if  you need characterizations or simply narration before I begin.”

I am thrilled.. It looks like my book will be audio published on MY terms after all. Cross your fingers!! I’ll keep you posted.

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