EvasBookStore ~ Why Does an Author Write In A Pseudonym Name?

For me to write in a Pseudonym name was a no brainer. I needed a Pen Name quickly because the things in my book were going to be controversial. Not that I mind controversy mind you, because I was going to tell the whole truth about the beauty industry in my book called

So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist

My main reason for choosing a pen name was because having a beauty salon and telling the truth about the State Board of Cosmetology could hurt me in the long run. When I did my research, many of the things the State Board officers were telling me sounded really crazy to me.  I found out a lot of dirt which I wanted to share with you the reader. And if the State Board of Cosmetology didn’t like what I was saying about them, they could put me out of business very quickly. Being in the beauty business for over 40 years, I just couldn’t take that chance.

When you read the book and find out how many of the laws were created in the 1930s, I thought it was ludicrous the State did not keep up with the times of today and made so many things illegal in a salon. I felt the laws were antiquated!

For example. Did you know that beauty salons are not allowed to keep extra toilet paper in the bathroom? Yes, a beauty salon can actually be fined for having extra roll of toilet paper in the salon bathroom. Does your favorite salon have extra roll of toilet paper in their salon? I certainly hope so, otherwise they must count how many times a person goes to use the toilet and get a paper count, right? How many toilet tissues did you use today Mary?

Find out more stupid laws in this book and warn your favorite salon they might be breaking the law when their State Board of Cosmology comes knocking on their door. Everyone in the beauty field needs to read this book right away.


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