Chapter 1 Writing The First Chapter Of Modified 2099

Writing my first words down on paper was the most thrilling thing me as a brand-new author could do for the first chapter. The mind was filled with possibilities. A professional writer advised me to just “throw up on the page and edit it later.” And that’s just what I did. What you see belowContinue reading “Chapter 1 Writing The First Chapter Of Modified 2099”

EvasbookStore ~ Before You Read Another Sci-Fi Book Read This

So let me tell you why you need to read this book before you read that book. This Sci-Fi book called Modified 2009 is like no other book you have read.  It has twists and turns like no other. Right when you think you know which way it will go. Nope, not that way. ItContinue reading “EvasbookStore ~ Before You Read Another Sci-Fi Book Read This”


Would you like to try a FREE Trial Audiobook? Nothing to buy… It’s FREE!!!! Welcome to Hi My name is Eva Szilagyi, I am an author of 4 different audiobooks, with 4 different genres. Modified: 2099 ~Book info The Eleventh Arrow ~Book info The Secret Chatroom ~Book Info So You Think You Want ToContinue reading “Welcome”