How To Get An Awesome Free Audiobook Today

No more need to hunt for just the right book to read. We will teach you how to get download an awesome FREE trial audiobook as of today. It’s as easy as pressing a button. All you have to do is find the book you would like to listen to, click the book info, and you will be on your way to getting your free audiobook.

Evasbookstore has 4 different audiobooks, with 4 different genres.

Modified: 2099 ~Book info

is a fun, time travel, futuristic book


The Eleventh Arrow ~Book info

is book based on a true store about a couple escaping the Russian communists during the 1956 Hungarian revolution with three very small children.


The Secret Chatroom ~Book Info

is a sexy who done it book about a girl who finds herself in a murder mystery.


So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist ~ Book info

is the truth about the beauty industry, especially now during Covid, this is an important book to listen to before entering the beauty field. Is this the career you really want to enter? It will open up your eyes to what is really gong on in the beauty profession.

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There is nothing to buy. You may choose one of these  FREE, FREE, FREE  trial books and cancel anytime!

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