EvasBookStore. ~ 3 Reasons to Use Business Cards


There are three really great reasons to use business cards if you want to get your book name out there.

Check these three reason out now.

  1. Getting your name out there.

I cannot tell you how many times I have talked about my website and my books, and wished I had a business card to hand people instead of a piece of paper which they will most certainly loose or misplace.

  1. They are small.

They will fit into a wallet easily. If you get one that is different from all the rest, your business card will stand out and never get thrown away.

  1. People can use them as book marks

Right now, sitting on a book next to my desk, I have a book opened and there is a business card saving the page of something I am reading.

You can remind your friends how well a buisness card can keep the page they are reading from missing the page they were on.


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