EvasBookStore. ~ 3 Reasons to Use Business Cards

  There are three really great reasons to use business cards if you want to get your book name out there. Check these three reason out now. Getting your name out there. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked about my website and my books, and wished I had a business cardContinue reading “EvasBookStore. ~ 3 Reasons to Use Business Cards”

EvasBookStore ~ 10 questions for Guest Bloggers

Hello friends, I’d like to introduce my guest blogger Zach Whitsel at The Gay Millennial Agenda let’s welcome my guest by reading the answers to 10 questions he was askedabout his blogging site. I have always wanted to know the answers to these questions about other bloggers, who are just starting out and the onesContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ 10 questions for Guest Bloggers”

EvasBookStore ~ Using ACX For My Audio Book

I have already used ACX for my audio book called The Eleventh Arrow. A nice female contacted me, we made the terms together and she read my book. I am looking to have the same experience, but I think the readers have all changed now. I have had my book up on the ACX websiteContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Using ACX For My Audio Book”

EvasBookStore.com ~ 10 Marketing Goals After Self-Publishing Books

I have created 10 marketing goals for myself after I self-published my books on Amazon. My goal is to reach all these goals within 6 months. Ready…Set…GO!!! Create a blog ~ That was the first thing I did with WordPress. But there are other great companies who have blogs. For instance, Google also has aContinue reading “EvasBookStore.com ~ 10 Marketing Goals After Self-Publishing Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Must Make A New Facebook Page

I did it, I have a New Facebook page just for EvasBookStore.com where I have been posting my blogs. I am hoping all my EvasBookStore.com followers will chat with me on this Facebook page, because isn’t that what Facebook pages are for? The main reason I created this page is because soon Facebook will noContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Must Make A New Facebook Page”