EvasBookStore ~ Say Good-Bye To CreateSpace

Let’s say good-by now to CreateSpace our favorite place to self-publish our books. Once the Mecca for self- publishing authors, now will only be a memory in time. Here is what they said in their first email. Hello, We’re excited to announce that CreateSpace (CSP) and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will become one service, andContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Say Good-Bye To CreateSpace”

EvasBookStore ~ Editing Before Self Publishing

The last thing to do is the editing before self-publishing. The countdown begins before the book gets published this week. Such an exciting time. I want to make sure the book is without mistakes. My secret weapon is the Word program. Did you know that you can go to Word and hear your book beingContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Editing Before Self Publishing”

EvasBookStore ~10 questions for Guest Bloggers

 Hello friends, I’d like to introduce my guest blogger today Ananda Krishnan S at Bepoetiecal. Let’s welcome my guest by reading the answers to 10 questions he was asked about his blogging site. I have always wanted to know the answers to these questions about other bloggers, who are just starting out and the onesContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~10 questions for Guest Bloggers”

Choosing Book Covers For Your Books

I love this subject so much because when you choose book covers for your book means a lot to me. Since each book has a different genre, I didn’t need to make them look anything like the other. Whew!! The first book that was covered is called So You Think You Want To Be AContinue reading “Choosing Book Covers For Your Books”

EvasBookStore ~ Two New #AudioBooks Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce… we are adding two new audiobooks to our collection soon. We have one FREE trial audiobook that is ready to be heard now called The Eleventh Arrow. All three books will be available here on this site. What this means for you is, we will be offering FREE trial audiobooksContinue reading “EvasBookStore ~ Two New #AudioBooks Coming Soon”