⭐⭐November 9, 1956 | Day 18 Of The Hungarian Revolution | The Streets And Buildings Of Budapest Are Now In Ruins Audiobook

Today is November 9,1956.  streets in the capital city of Budapest are in ruins while the Russian soldiers who have invaded our country keep fighting and killing innocent people. Get your auidobook NOW and follow along day by day of what happens before, during and after the Hungarian Revolution.

November 9, 1956 (Friday) Day 18 of the Hungarian Revolution

There is confusion as to why the Americans have not come to help us and we are left alone to fight Russian troupes. But the Hungarian freedom fighters have not stopped fighting.

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The Eleventh Arrow

November 8, 1956 (Thursday) Day 17 of the Hungarian Revolution

There is so much smoke and fire in the streets, we have no way to put them out. Everything in the city is shut down.

November 7, 1956 (Wednesday) Day 16 of the Hungarian Revolution

There is death in the streets. Bodies lay on every street corner.  Our dear family is now gone. The Russians won’t stop the bloodshed.

November 6, 1956 (Tuesday) Day 15 of the Hungarian Revolution

Freedom fighters are fiercely fighting to save the country

Even when we destroy their tanks there are still more tanks coming at us.

November 5, 1956 (Monday) Day 14 of the Hungarian Revolution

Freedom fighters are fiercely fighting to save the country.

November 4, 1956 (Sunday) Day 13 of the Hungarian Revolution

An estimated 1000 tanks attack Budapest before dawn and after heavy fighting. Russian troops enter the city, crushing Hungarian people. Thousands of men women and children are killed and wounded and nearly a quarter-million Hungarians flee their country.

Nagy’s last appeal for help is broadcast at 5.15am. Less than three hours later Radio Hungary is silenced. The UN calls for Russian withdrawal.

The Americans lied to the Hungarian people about coming to help.

When the Russians saw that the Americans were not going to come, they came back with tanks and troops in full force to kill anyone who wanted freedom from a socialistic/ communist Russia.

Imre Nagy is seeking refuge in the Yugoslav embassy.

November 3, 1956 (Saturday) Day 12 of the Hungarian Revolution

The Russians invited the new Minister of Defence, Pal Maleter and a Hungarian delegation to Tokol train station to discuss a the Russian withdrawal.

After the members of the delegation arrive, the Russians kill and arrest everyone who is there. All of the people who are “invited” by the Russians to this meeting are never seen again.

The Russians are LIARS!!

November 2, 1956 (Friday) Day 11 of the Hungarian Revolution

Nagy announces the members names of the new government. The Russians are still telling Nagy that they are leaving.

November 1, 1956 (Thursday) Day 10 of the Hungarian Revolution

Imre Nagy formally declares Hungary has withdrawn from the Warsaw Pact and is a neutral country.

Nagy learns that Russian tanks and troops have crossed the Hungarian border and are advancing on Budapest.

We do not know why the Russians are doing this.

October 30, 1956 (Tuesday) Day 9 of the Hungarian Revolution

Imre Nagy releases many of the political prisoners that were held by the Russians, including Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty. Many of those he is releasing is leaving the country today. He also legalizes other political parties and calls for support of local revolutionary councils that have formed all through the country during the uprising.

The Hungarian National Guard lead a force that attacks the headquarters of the Communist Party in Republic Square and brutally executes and detains known or suspected Communists. The Russians are now prepared to negotiate for a peaceful solution.

October 31, 1956 (Wednesday) Day 8 of the Hungarian Revolution

Imre Nagy is announcing several reforms he proposes to introduce to a new democratic Hungary. He asks for support from the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Russian leader changes his mind and decides to intervene in Hungary. After viewing a video footage of the violence in Republic Square and witnessing the loss of Communist control. He sees that the Americans are in fact, NOT coming to help Hungary.

October 29, 1956 (Monday) Day 7 of the Hungarian Revolution

Demonstrators take control of an iron and steel company among other state owned companies. All Hungarians are in support of taken back Hungary from the Russians.

October 28, 1956 (Sunday) Day 6 of the Hungarian Revolution

Prime Minister Imre Nagy broadcasts an immediate cease fire and declares that the government would establish democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, the Russians have agreed upon. We think we have won the revolution.

October 27, 1956 (Saturday) Day 5 of the Hungarian Revolution

The freedom fighters have not heard about any agreement and they continue to fight.

October 26, 1956 (Friday) Day 4 of the Hungarian Revolution

The new Prime Minister, Imre Nagy, is holding talks with the Russians, they have agreed that Russian tanks will leave Budapest. Nagy believes he has the support of the United States and their allies.

October 25, 1956 (Thursday) Day 3 of the Hungarian Revolution

Thousands of protesters continue to gather outside the Parliament building. The Secret Police fires shots into the peaceful crowd. Armed protesters fired back at them.

October 24, 1956 (Wednesday) Day 2 of the Hungarian Revolution

People are fighting for their lives. Hungary needs to win back their country. The Americans are still telling us that they are coming. We continue the fight as we wait for their help.

At 2 am Russian tanks entered in the capital city of Budapest.

12 pm Russian tanks and army forces are positioned all through Budapest. Armed protesters have set up barricades.

Imre Nagy the newly appointed Prime Minister of Hungary, makes a broadcast calling for the violence to stop, promising to initiate reforms with the Russians.

By this afternoon, the armed protesters take control of Budapest Radio building. Other protesters attempt to take control of the Communist newspaper but are fired upon.

In Russia, Khrushchev decided against military intervention in Hungary believing that the Americans will be helping the Hungarians.

The Hungarians are cutting out the Russian symbol from their national flag.

October 23, 1956 (Tuesday) Day 1 of the Hungarian Revolution
The Americans are telling the Hungarian people to fight the Russians via Radio Free Europe. They are coming, they will help the Hungarians fight Russia. So, the people of Hungary believe what the Americans are telling them and begin protesting for human rights.
Peaceful march of the Hungarian people.

In the month of October, we commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for freedom in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Hear day to day, how the revolution started and ended in the Audiobook called The Eleventh Arrow.

This book was written in real time as it happened. One day you are suffering in the hands of the communists and the next day your world changes without thought.

The Hungarian Revolution began October 23rd, 1956. Listen to this audiobook as it takes you day by day. You will be hearing two different aspects of the revolution in real time.

The Eleventh Arrow ~Book info

is book based on a true store about a couple escaping the Russian communists during the 1956 Hungarian revolution with three very small children.

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Before The Revolution Started

October 1, 1956 (Monday)

Times are really tough with a socialistic government controlling us. The Russians control ever aspect of our life.

How much money we make. [If we have more than our neighbors, they take us to jail. If we don’t have a job, no problem THEY will give us one. If we don’t want to work or we can’t work, No problem they take us to jail and we are never seen again].

How much we are allowed to eat. [They ration our food].

Where we live. [They have allowed our family to live in a two room place owned by the Russians. Our mother sleeps in the kitchen and we sleep with our three children in the other room. To bathe the three children we use a large plastic bowl in the kitchen where it is warm and toasty. The bowl is called a lavor. Each child is bathed one by one with the same water. We don’t have running water, we use a well. We warm the water for the lavor on our wood burning stove where we cook our meals on. We also use the lavor to wash our clothes. We use an outhouse, as we do not have a toilet, no one in the country does].

What kind of job we are allowed to have, [after all, they are giving us free college. In college, they test us as to how they can use us. We can not decide for ourselves what we want to study, they choose our career for us. After college they take us from our city we grew up in, and bus us into another city called Gomba, to work in a communistic ammunition factory, no one gets to choose where they will live or work, it’s a socialistic country and we do as we are told].

They fund us in order to control everything we do. Everything is controlled by the government. The government take over all our businesses when they took over our country. We can only work for the government because the socialistic government controls us. If we say anything about the government we are hauled off to jail for the rest of our life, or shot on the spot. The soldiers wear rifles and are ready to shoot us at any moment. They took all of our guns so we can not fight back.

There is no more freedom of speech. One wrong move and our family will never see us again.

Since the socialist government controlled our news, they will only tell us what they want us to hear. We are never told the truth about how much more they will take from us and our life…

October 2, 1956 (Tuesday)

Life has changed since the second world war. Before Hitler forced us to join him, we lived a very normal life. One without war, without being being forcibly put on the front lines of the Russian boarder. Before Hitler’s war and before the United States and England gave us to the Russians, life was good. We were a strong people. After the war, England and  USA decided to take our land away from us, giving our land to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia. They left us with a tiny country to give to the Russians to torture and persecute us. Somehow we had to survive.

During this time Russians rewarded people to report their neighbors to authorities. If we hear someone is saying anything against socialism, report them. If you didn’t report them, they could come after us for not telling. Most of us stay to ourselves never talking to our neighbors in case they are informants. This would have never happen if the Russians are not in our country.

October 3, 1956 (Wednesday)

Political repression takes hold of our country.  Not long ago, the socialist Security Police called the AVH begin purges, first within the Communist Party to end opposition and to take away all voice of the Hungarian people. At least 7,000 people—were purged. After dividing up the class of people. The socialists and communist merged with the Democratic party to become the Working People’s Party. That’s when the the People’s Republic of Hungary was declared.

In a single year, more than 26,000 people are forcibly relocated from large cities. As a result, jobs and housing are very difficult to obtain because of the communistic social party that is now called the Working People’s Party. They change the names but they still didn’t change the control.

October 4, 1956 (Thursday)

Hungary was forced to agree to pay war reparations approximating $300 million American dollars to the Soviet Union, to support Soviet repression. Hungarian currency experienced a huge depreciation, resulting in the highest historical rates of hyperinflation ever known. Because Hungary was forced to participate in the Soviet-sponsored (Council of Mutual Economic Assistance), we were prevented from trading with the West or receiving any kind of aid. We were left to the mercy of the Russians, [who showed no mercy].

October 5, 1956 (Friday)

Since the Russians want to raise industrial output by 380%, thus crippling the effects of exportation of most of Hungary’s raw resources and technology, sending it to the Soviet Union. This plan weakens Hungary’s existing industrial structure and causes real industrial wages to fall by 18% of it’s already low wages. Even though national income per capita rose, our standard of living dramatically fall, and because of Russia’s mismanagement, this created chronic shortages in basic foods resulting in our rationing of flour, sugar, bread, and meat. People have to stand in lines at the bakery, the meat shops and the regular small stores for flour and sugar.

And then came the further reduced personal income. This fuels discontent as the Russian debt grows and the population experiences shortages of goods and money.

October 6, 1956 (Saturday)

On 5 March 1953, Joseph Stalin died, his death triggered a power struggle in which Nikita Khrushchev became leader.  In July of 1956  students, writers, and journalists become more active and critical in politics. Things are beginning to brew within the communist’s hold on the Eastern Bloc countries and the The United States hopes to encourage these Soviet held countries to break away.

On this date, Laszlo Rajk, who had been executed by the Hungarian Rákosi government, is reburied in a moving ceremony that strengthens our party opposition.

 October 7, 1956 (Sunday)

College students have weekly games of bridge or other entertainment these are some of the influencers of our political movement.

October 8, 1956 (Monday)

After being raised in Pecs, a big city down in the southern region of Hungary, communist Russia decided to move us to a village called Gomba. We have no choice, they rip us from family, and we have to move. This village is located in in Pest county, so small in fact it has no Hospitals. So, when giving birth, we need to go to a larger city called Monor where we gave birth to our youngest child Eva.

October 9, 1956 (Tuesday)

The older 2 boys were born in our home city of Pecs, more than 3 hours by bus from where live now.  All three children are close in age. Dodi is almost four his birthday is on the 26th of this month, Laci is two, he will be three in November and Eva will be two in March. We are now planning a small celebration for Dodi for his birthday. We can not tell anyone what our plans are in fear of what the communists will do to us if they find out. Please don’t tell anyone!

October 10, 1956- (Wednesday)

Gomba is located over an hour away from Budapest by bus. Longer by horse and cart. No one in our area owns a car. We walk to most places.

October 11, 1956- (Thursday)

When you enter the village of Gomba there is a welcoming sign.

There are not many houses in our village.

October 12, 1956- (Friday)

Walking through this village. All the homes belong to the communists. They took everything from us.

Even our churches. Everything belongs to them.

October 13, 1956- (Saturday)

A small group of 12 students from various faculties in Szeged (about two hours from Budapest), who met weekly for a game of bridge or other entertainment, decided to snub the official communist student union, the DISZ, by re-establishing the MEFESZ (Union of Hungarian University and Academy Students), a democratic student organization, previously banned. This group decided to make it widespread, by writing hundreds of notes leaving them at various classrooms signaling a meeting to be held on 16 October, in a specified classroom.

October 14, 1956- (Sunday)

It is Sunday… Even though Hungary has always been a religious country, the communists will not allow us to go to church the Communist Party has banned religion, and imprisoned Cardinal Mindszenty. But they can not take away prayer in our own homes. When a socialistic country has complete control over the people. We can not do as we want. They have total control over every aspect of your life. Including how you must believe. You may only believe in how you are told to believe. They have the guns; they have the power.

October 15, 1956 (Monday)

Not only do we have trouble with the socialistic/ communistic regime, so do all the other European countries who were given to the Russians after the great war. A deep political crisis is also developing in Poland.

October 16, 1956 (Tuesday)

Hundreds attended and a meeting chaired by one of the law professors. At the meeting MEFESZ is officially re-established, with 20 demand points – ten pertaining to re-establishing MEFESZ but ten others having direct political demands – e.g. free elections, departure of Soviet troops, etc. Within days, the student bodies of Pécs, Miskolc, and Sopron will follow.

October 17, 1956 (Wednesday)

Everything we hear on the news is pro socialistic/ communistic garbage. Nothing but lies. The newspapers never tell us the news. We must read between the lines and know what ever comes from the government is nothing but a bunch of lies.

October 18, 1956 (Thursday)

The only way to get real news is through protestors who oppose the socialistic/ communistic regime.

October 19, 1956 (Friday)

News reaches us in Hungary, the Poles have won concessions from the Soviet Union for greater independence.

October 20, 1956 (Saturday)

The Hungarians are patriotic, and we hate Russian control, especially:

The secret police called the AVH in Hungary.

Russian control of the entire economy, which has made us in Hungary poor.

Russian control of what the schools teach. All a one sided view. SOCIALISM/ COMMUNIST!

Censorship and lack of freedom. ALL FAKE NEWS!

*We need to get our own concessions from the Soviets for our own independence, as the Polish people have just done.

October 21, 1956 (Sunday)

Let me show you what the communists did to our flag after they invaded us.

Our beautiful flag used to look like this before the war.

And now it looks like this.

They took our national flag and placed their own symbol on it. They have desecrated not only our country but also our flag.

Imagine Socialism/Commuinsts invading your country and then putting it’s own symbol on YOUR flag.


Hungarian National Flag Symbols

White symbolizes Hungary’s rivers

Green symbolizes Hungary’s mountains

Red symbolizes Hungary’s bloodshed in its many battles.

October 22, 1956 (Monday)

Students at the Technical University of Budapest draw up a list of sixteen points for reform. The points include withdrawal of Soviet troops, free elections, a living wage, readjustment of production quotas and freedom of speech.

Come back daily as we will give you more information about the revolution for freedom.

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