Best Beard Style Ideas For Men 2020

Whether you have been wearing a beard all your life or growing a beard for the first time, we have a collection of  beard style ideas for you to choose from. Now lets find the perfect one for you.

Four Types of Face Shapes– these styles will suite your face best.

  • Oval – An oval face can wear almost any beard to compliment his face.
  • Rectangle – should keep your beard longer on the sides and shorter on the bottom.
  • Round – should keep beard short on the sides and fuller on the chin.
  • Square– should keep their beads short on the sides and fuller of the chin.


How to Trim Your Beard

  • If your beard is long, brush out your tangled beard before trimming.
  • Trim your beard when it is dry.
  • Pull your skin and trim away from your face.
  • Clip cheeks and neck first, followed by a good pair of beard clippers.
  • Follow up with scissors to get any leftover stragglers.
  • Finish with beard oil to moisturize, soften and maintain unruly beards.


How to Shave Your Face If You Have Acne

  • Clean face and neck area before shaving with an acne face wash.
  • Apply a shave gel or cream designed for acne skin.
  • Gently shave your face using gentle strokes.
  • Apply a moisturizer designed for acne skin.


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