Steamboat Willie

The short film Steamboat Willie, directed by Walt Disney, featuring his voice in the role of Micky Mouse, made Micky Mouse a star. It became a huge hit sensation when it premiered.

The Main Street Cinema features Disney cartoon characters staring Mickey Mouse, is located on Disneyland’s Main street. The classic black and white cartoons are played under a Victorian-era marque, steps you back in time on a nostalgic journey. There are 6 separate sliver screens playing different movies at the same time.

Steamboat Willie, 1928

Plane Crazy, 1928

The Moose Hunt, 1931

Traffic Troubles, 1931

The Dognapper, 1934

Mickey’s Polo Team, 1936

These short, early animated films aired in theaters before full-length feature films were 6-8 minute long.

Check out this YouTube link to get a glimpse of what you will see in Disneyland.

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