The PROPER Way To Eat A Beignet / Funniest Videos / Anaheim Disneyland

People are teaching us how to properly eat a beignet at Anaheim Disneyland. EvasBookStore goes to Disneyland and finds people with the best sense of humor to show everyone the proper way to eat a beignet.

What is a beignet?

The word beignet is French for “Fritter” or “donut,” Disney beignets are Mickey shaped pieces of dough  that are raised in steam and have a hollow center, then deep fried and topped with powdered sugar. This method gives French beignets a light and airy texture. They are usually served with a drink such as a strong cafe au lait, milk or hot chocolate.

The Place to find these yummy beignets are in the French Quarters, near the Haunted Mansion and the railroad entrance. Or just say the word beignets and you will be quickly pointed in the right direction.

Learn the proper / funny way to eat a beignet as you watch this YouTube video, by clicking on the link below.

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